Tourist Visa (voucher only)

Visa - Tourist - Voucher Only

Included: Tourist voucher to be used in applying for a tourist visa (single or double entry) valid for up to 30 days. US citizens may use this as the basis for requesting a 3-year multi-entry tourist visa.

Delivery: Electronic, within 2 days, but usually much faster

Required: Passport data and information about travel dates and destination cities

Restrictions: Some nationalities have a surcharge of $40. This does not apply to the USA, Canada, or Europe, but if you are from outside of these regions, inquire with us as to whether you fall into the restricted category.


, not specified

Dates & Costs

  • Voucher (double entry)
    Year: 2019
    Application Deadline: 01 January 1970
    Cost: $30
  • Voucher (single entry)
    Year: 2019 not specified
    Application Deadline: 01 January 1970
    Cost: $30