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Looking to keep up and advance your Russian language skills? Perhaps you have taken Russian in the past, but cannot fit a full-time intensive language course into your schedule right now. Or maybe you teach Russian but have limited opportunity to advance your own skills and practice speaking with others at your level. Whatever your situation, if you are looking to improve your Russian with a minimal time commitment, this course is for you!

Update March 2022: All proceeds for this course are going directly to NovaMova teachers and staff (citizens of Ukraine) during these challenging times. Many of the NovaMova teachers are ready and able to teach. Some are still in Kyiv, some in western Ukraine, others in Poland. They would much welcome the opportunity to focus again on work and not so much on what is happening around them. Of course they are also all facing increased expenses so we thank you for your support.

Maintenance Russian is available at every level from A0 (beginner) to advanced. If you are a complete beginner, contact us to see if a beginner group is forming. With our colleagues in Kyiv we offer this part-time option with the following parameters:

  • Group instruction: 2 sessions x 90 min per week, 12:15-1:45pm EST (additional session times may be added based on demand; if there are no others at your level, instead you will receive 2 sessions x 45 min per week of individual instruction). Class size consists of 4-6 people. Note that group lessons are not currently available. we hope to restart them in the coming months.
  • Individual instruction: 20 lessons x 45 min each OR 15 lessons x 60 min each.
  • Start dates are flexible; let us know when registering if you have a specific start date in mind. Usually we can get you set up to start study one week from when you register.
  • Extensions are welcome!

Interested in group study? If you have a small group (2-6) then lessons should be 60 minutes each. If two study together, the cost of 15 lessons is $270 each. If 3-6 study together, it is $225 each.

Preparing for an exam? Contact us about blocks of 5 sessions that you could use to focus on specific aspects of the language you need more work on.

Want to gift this course? Contact us for instructions.

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Russian Language

Dates & Costs

Individual Instruction (20 lessons x 45 min each OR 15 lessons x 60 min each)

Dates: 01 Jul 2022 - 31 Dec 2022
Enroll By: 15 Dec 2022
Cost: $360

"I absolutely love the class and plan to sign up for the next session. My teacher has noticed that I'm a strong grammar student so she pushes on speaking and reading instead." - Caroline Murray, Professional

"I have only positive things to say so far. We’ve been having a productive mix of conversation practice, grammar review, and vocabulary development, which is exactly what I was hoping to get out of the course. I think the homework is just the right amount. I look forward to the course every week!" - Kaylin Land, Student, McGill University

"Lena's a great instructor - she's engaging, keeps up a good pace, she's a very clear speaker, she's funny... couldn't ask for a better tutor. I really like the class size, and I feel like I've gotten a lot of new material to learn, and had lots of opportunity to practice what I already know. I'm really enjoying it." - Nick Knaebel, Professional