Eurasian Foodways: Chicken Kyiv

Short Course

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Chicken Kyiv, like many other dishes, is the product of a wide range of cultural influences. Many of them are drawn from the national culinary ideas of chefs who came to Ukraine from Europe during the nineteenth century. Chicken Kyiv is believed to be derived from côtelette de volaille – a dish known from the early twentieth century, possibly a little earlier. However, it was in Kyiv that two crucial final touches were made, that distinguish chicken Kyiv from a vast array of similar national chicken dishes: the bone and the herbed butter. It requires great skill to wrap the boneless chicken breast around the nugget of cultured butter, using the chicken bone in a particular way that prevents leakage or disassembly during cooking. Unusually, chicken Kyiv is not found in Ukraine outside of Kyiv, but here it is taken very seriously. No respectable Kyiv restaurant would dare to serve a badly cooked version. Much sought after for special occasions, there are only a handful of places that locals would trust to make the dish properly. Undoubtedly, it is a great treat to taste a well-cooked chicken Kyiv. You will love it from the moment the butter gushes from the cut and fills you plate with delicious herbal juice, a perfect condiment for your mashed potato. You can’t have a better gravy! You can't have a better chicken!

Prior to the course, you will receive a shopping list for the items you will need to cook this dish as part of the class. These are all ingredients you can find easily in your local store. You will also receive a suggested "menu" with which you might round out a full dinner.

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