Stetson University Application

Please complete the Stetson application from the link below. Even if you are a graduate student, you need to complete this as if it is undergraduate as it is undergraduate credit that is issued. This is a paperwork formality related to your program transcript, which is issued by Stetson University (Florida). You’ll be prompted for an official copy of your transcript. Please upload it directly to that system. Once you have completed this you can "Mark as Done".

Start New Application

1. Select "First-time users: Create an account to start a new application."

2. Select "Undergraduate" in relevant academic year, e.g. 2019-2029 Undergraduate

3. Select term and "Non-Degree Seeking Application" e.g., Summer 2019 Non-Degree Seeking Application

In Education section:

1. Select Entry Term, e.g. Summer 2019

2. Student Classification = One Term Only

3. Housing = Off Campus

4. Course(s) in which you plan to enroll: SRAS

There will follow some instructions about mailing your official transcript. You do not need to do that. Simply enter your current university information and submit and mark this task as done. We will forward your unofficial transcript to Stetson.