Irkutsk: Language and Environment

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Language and the environment are both issues of global importance. Irkutsk provides an exceptionally intensive and immersive experience to study both.

For language acquisition, homestays are included in the semester program (they are highly encouraged for summer students as well). In Irkutsk, English is less prevalent than in major cities and the slower pace of life means that strong, local, Russian-speaking connections can be made through SRAS-supported peer tutoring and through local interest groups.

Semester and summer students will enjoy an extensive cultural program focused on Siberia's unique environment, history, and indigenous cultures. Semester students can choose further intensify their language study with individual language classes or add a course on Russia's environmental history and/or other electives.

Irkutsk is especially recommended for intermediate and advanced students looking to make a breakthrough in their language skills. Irkutsk rewards those who are active, enjoy nature, and who want to experience local life in Siberia together with the diverse people that live there.

Those looking to hit the ground running will want to look at our online courses, which will also earn you SRAS Learning Credit for your future study abroad experiece.

**Programs to Russia are currently suspended until further notice.**

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English and Russian
Irkutsk, Russia
Environmental Studies, History, Russian Language


  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • 18 years of age at time of application

Program Inclusions

Tuition, accommodation, visa and registration, pre-departure information, roundtrip airport transfers, cultural programming, health and emergency insurance, use of a mobile telephone for duration of program, and SRAS in-country support.