Challenge Grants


Meet the challenge, gain the funding!

SRAS Challenge Grants are "stackable" - apply for as many as four at a time. The awards and challenges can be combined to boost your funding as far as you can.

Apply for your SRAS study abroad program first, then apply for one or more grants.

I. Applicable to programs six weeks or longer:

Braver Bloggers
Braver Researchers
Explorer Awards
Consecutive Programs
Matching Scholarship and Honored Groups
Group Discounts
Research Abroad

II. Applicable to specific programs of less than six weeks:

Access Grants

Program F.A.Q.

What are the deadlines? The deadline for the grant application is the same as the deadline for the corresponding academic program the student intends to apply the grant to. So, if the student is applying to an academic program with Oct 15 listed the application deadline, applications for the grant should be in by Oct 15.

What if I am not currently a student anywhere? Not a problem. For more on eligibility issues, please see our main FAQ page.

Can I really apply for multiple awards? Yes. The only SRAS award that cannot be combined with another award is the award associated with Home and Abroad Scholars, a program that offers $5,000-$10,000 for a semester or academic year abroad.

What if I am not a US citizen? Not a problem. For any writting-oriented awards, you will need native or near-native English skills. For more on eligibility issues, please see our main FAQ page.

Several of these options are called "Braver." Why? These grants are dedicated in memory of Charles Braver, an educator who worked for many years to promote and practice cross-cultural teaching, learning, and geographical and intellectual exploration.

Who Was Charles Braver?


Havana, Cuba;
Tbilisi, Georgia;
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan;
Warsaw, Poland;
Irkutsk, Russia;
Moscow, Russia;
St. Petersburg, Russia;
Vladivostok, Russia;
Kyiv, Ukraine


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