Perspectives on US-Russia Relations, Part I

Short Course

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2020 has provided us with many opportunities to look at the world from varying perspectives, to consider the rise of globalism and its effects, and to evaluate the relationships between countries. In this course, taught in English, we begin our examination of the US-Russia relationship.

We start with a full historical overview of the US-Russia relations from political and economic cooperation to global confrontation and rivalry, looking at cases of successful cooperation and failures. We then look to national models of behavior in the US and Russia and search for the roots of mistrust and misunderstanding.

Media plays a crucial role in this relationship, not always portraying United States/Russia accurately. The propaganda and ideology expressed in media coverage will be discussed. One of the workshops will be dedicated to finding the truth and uncovering exaggerations, omissions, and other "post-truth" elements in Russian and American news. The differences in coverage will be examined using the US Presidential Elections as an example.

BONUS: Intro to Russian! Each session will be accompanied by a lesson introducing you to the Russian language*. Exploring the language is one step toward understanding a country and its people. We will start with the basics of the alphabet, greetings, talking about yourself, common directional words, numbers (1-10), question words, names/nicknames of people, and place names.

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*Those who already study Russian can join an informal chat (in Russian) with a Russian peer.

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Diplomacy, Geopolitics, History, International Relations, Journalism, Sociology