Bishkek Online: Part-Time/Maintenance Russian

Short Course

Looking to keep up and advance your Russian language skills? Perhaps you have taken Russian in the past, but cannot fit a full-time intensive language course into your schedule right now. Or maybe you teach Russian but have limited opportunity to advance your own skills and practice speaking with others at your level. Whatever your situation, if you are looking to improve your Russian with a minimal time commitment, this course is for you!

Maintenance Russian is available at every level from A0 (beginner) to advanced. With our colleagues in Bishkek we offer this part-time option with the following parameters:

  • 3 days per week x 50 min, 9:00-9:50am EST (upon request, we can also accommodate 10.00-10.50 EST, or 11.00-11.50 EST)
  • Once class schedules are set, it is not possible to reschedule lessons.
  • Class size of 1-4.
  • Start dates are flexible; let us know when registering if you have a specific start date in mind. Usually we can get you set up to start study one week from when you register.
  • Extensions are welcome!

Only weekdays are available Monday-Thursday (you can pick which 3 days). If this does not work with your schedule, we have options for 2 x 90 min per week (mornings) and 1 x 60 min per week (evening). If you have very specific scheduling needs, we can also accommodate individual/custom arrangements. If you are looking for a course with a higher number of hours per week and/or is credit-bearing, contact us via the Inquire now button.

Want to gift this course? Contact us for instructions.

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Russian Language

Dates & Costs

8 weeks, 3 mornings per week x 50 min each

Dates: 01 Feb 2022 - 31 Dec 2022
Enroll By: 15 Dec 2022
Cost: $280

"I’m finding the lessons incredibly valuable—they are helping me regain some fluency and confidence that had slipped away over several years of not using my language skills often enough. Still a ways to go, but this helps!" - Jennifer C. Smith, Professional

"Everything is going wonderfully so far! Valentina is great, she's been really accommodating when it comes to us asking for more focus on one area over another, and I think we're all getting a lot out of the lessons. I wish I had more to say, but really I don't have any feedback other than it's been great." - Michael Martin, PhD Student, University of Michigan

"I'm being challenged but not overwhelmed, and I can already tell my Russian is getting better. So excited for another two months with SRAS! I've been recommending it to all my friends."- Paula Zhang, Professional

"Overall I have really been enjoying my one-on-one class with Aikerim. She has really given me space to express myself and explain my thoughts in detail and offer corrections and explanations of new vocabulary without interrupting or translating. Before this it has been difficult for me to find a teacher who would make the space for me like this and still encourage me to improve at my level." - Alexander Resnick, Masters Student, New York University