Conversation Practice Sessions

Short Course

Practice and advance your Russian outside of the classroom with a native Russian-speaking peer! Learning Russian is more fun (and practical) if you get a chance to use it to interact with someone in Russia. These live, individual sessions allow you to apply what you are learning by taking part in informal chats with a Russian peer.

  • You will meet five times. Your first session is all about introducing yourselves, your interests, and the things you like to talk about. You map out a plan for the next 4 sessions - topics for discussion.
  • Your Russian peer will send a list of vocabulary and discussion questions a few days in advance of each session for you to prepare. Depending on your level, you might receive a short article or video, which will serve to start off the conversation.
  • Sessions are 40 minutes, one-on-one.
  • Sessions are led by young Russian peer tutors who are eager to meet Americans and share Russian culture
  • Our tutors are in multiple time zones and can match most schedules, excluding Sundays.
  • These sessions are best suited to students who have completed at least one year of college Russian.
  • Flexible start date and scheduling. We put you in contact with your tutor and the two of you decide when it is convenient for you both to meet. Keep in mind there will be an 8-15 hour time difference.
  • You can always add more sessions - just contact us!

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Russian Language

Dates & Costs

Five 40-minute sessions, 2022

Dates: 01 Jul 2022 - 31 Dec 2022
Enroll By: 15 Dec 2022
Cost: $75

"I am enjoying my sessions [with Elena], she is patient and engaging. I think that she will help me accomplish my language goals." - Douglas Paul Washington ll, Student, University of South Carolina