Study Abroad: Online Extension

Short Course

Looking to get a jump start on your studies abroad with SRAS? This option is designed to allow you to add 2-4 weeks/credits of Russian language to your study abroad program. You can do your online study before your study abroad, which will give you a boost for placement into a higher level group in country, and in many cases, give you a chance to meet your teacher or peer tutor early. Alternatively, you can continue with online study after you return home.

You will study in a group of up to 6 students at your level. While we will prioritize placing you in a group taught by your study abroad hosts, there are multiple variables (your time zone/schedule, level, and duration of study) that influence final online group assignment.

Cost posted is based on 4 weeks. Adjustments for fewer weeks/credits will be made to invoice prior to payment.

  • 2 weeks/2 credit - $450
  • 3 weeks/3 credits - $675
  • 4 weeks/4 credits - $850

Course Structure

Technology and Scheduling

Transcripts and Credit Transfer


Russian Language


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