Reading Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's drama holds a special place in Russian classical literature. He was an author of ingenious courage, who helped change how theatre was thought of and presented. His dramas are also a subtle image of the Russian national world, full of pain and tenderness, comedy and tragedy.

The Cherry Orchard is an existential drama set in an idyllic estate with a cherry orchard that represents an old Russia destined to disappear. The play was written in 1903, shortly before the first Russian revolution. After the revolution, it became regarded by contemporaries as a prediction of an impending historical catastrophe, and, ironically, is also known as one of Chekhov's most lyrical comedies.

This course is a multi-faceted look at The Cherry Orchard. We will navigate our way through this work with five lectures and a live virtual visit to the Moscow Art Theater, where The Cherry Orchard and many of Chekhov's other plays were first staged. We will speak to a Russian theater historian there and explore the theater's small museum.

This course is equally valuable to students looking to supplement current Russian language and/or literature studies as it is to educators and life-long learners.

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