Perspectives on the Russian Far East

Short Course

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The Russian Far East is a vital part of Russia that few understand. Ten time zones and thousands of miles away from Moscow, it has a unique history and culture. Explore this complex region with us, and you will gain a deeper understanding of Russia as a whole.

This course covers a range of issues related to the history and modern development of the Russian Far East and its administrative center, the city of Vladivostok. We will take into account modern approaches to and assessments of the key problems the region has faced from the moment of its entry into Russia until the present time.

How has the region been mutually influenced by Western countries, Russia, and the civilizations of the East? To answer this, we will consider its development in light of Russia's complex historical path as well as in the context of world history. These have influenced Vladivostok's development as a political, cultural, economic, and military center. The challenging geography of the region has also made it a complex and unique case study for understanding regional development in general.

The value of this course lies in its combination of studies: economic and military history, urban planning and tourism, multi-cultural interaction, and understanding international transport corridors. Students will come to understand Vladivostok and the Far East within not only as part of Russia, but also within an international context.

This online course will be conducted over the course of four lectures sessions of 1.5 hours, including a walking tour of Vladivostok's city center and online broadcasts from various parts of the city. Local students will participate in these onsite broadcasts, sharing a bit about themselves as well as the city.

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