SRAS Gift Certificate

Short Course

Is there anything more wonderful than an experience? Many of us in 2020 have spent the extra time at home clearing out unneeded things, and making our space pleasant again. If you are looking for a unique gift for a colleague, friend, family member, or other loved one, consider gifting an SRAS gift certificate, which can be used toward an online class or any SRAS study abroad program, and has the added benefit of giving the recipient something to look forward to! SRAS gift certificates never expire!*

*Ignore the dates on this page. Simply select "Enroll now" under the amount for which you wish to purchase a gift certificate. Contact us (inquire now) if you would like to gift a custom amount.

How does it work?

  1. Click on Enroll Now. Enter your own information as the Enrollee - any field that doesn't seem relevant you can just put N/A (we are working on a better method for gift certificates, for now please bear with us).
  2. In the "Personal Introduction" section, put the recipient's name.
  3. After you pay the invoice, we will email you an SRAS gift certificate with the recipient's name and the amount indicated.
  4. You can print the gift certificate, or email it to the recipient.
  5. Your part is finished - well done! You are about to make someone very happy! For the recipient to use their gift certificate, they will enroll in a course and we will apply the gift certificate amount to their invoice.

The fine print: these gift certificates never expire, though cannot be refunded. They must be applied toward an SRAS study abroad program or online course. Unused balances will be tracked and applied to additional courses.


Dates & Costs

Dates: 01 Dec 2021 - 25 Dec 2021
Enroll By: 01 Dec 2021
Cost: $25

Dates: 02 Dec 2021 - 26 Dec 2021
Enroll By: 01 Dec 2021
Cost: $50

Dates: 03 Dec 2021 - 28 Dec 2021
Enroll By: 01 Dec 2021
Cost: $100