Spring 2021 Kyiv Site Visit

Short Course

Join SRAS in exploring study abroad opportunities in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the world’s best known geopolitical hotspots right now. In addition to its conflict with Russia, Ukraine is also working through complex economic, demographic, and political issues that are deep-rooted in its history.

SRAS partners with NovaMova International Language School, located in the very heart of the city. Students live with host families and enjoy the support of their hosts, the incredible staff at NovaMova, and their peer tutors as they learn Russian and/or Ukrainian language and explore the beautiful and culturally rich city of Kyiv.

SRAS Programs in Kyiv focus on policy and conflict studies, languages, and history. Our cultural program introduces students to Ukrainian culture and history. Travel is typically arranged each semester to Odessa or Lviv and students on our Policy and Conflict program additionally travel to locations such as Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

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Perspectives on Ukrainian Identity (Lecture Topics)


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