Spring 2021 Vladivostok Site Visit

Short Course

At the end of the long Trans-Siberian, this hilly coastal city can feel like the Earth’s edge. Yet, it’s also the beginning for commerce and investment flowing in from nearby Korea, Japan, and China. Russia’s Pacific Fleet is also based here, making Vladivostok a strategic focal point for Russia’s security development.

SRAS partners with Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VGUES), located close to the city center. Students live in the on-campus university dormitory.

SRAS students in Vladivostok study on our Russia and the Asia-Pacific program, with a strong focus on economic development and international relations. A broad cultural program immerses students in the history and culture of the city and students additionally travel to Khabarovsk or Sakhalin for a weekend.

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Perspectives on the Russian Far East (Lecture Topics)


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