Mastering Russian Idioms

Short Course

Learn the most used Russian idioms and speak beautiful, idiomatic Russian. Idioms are important, essential for understanding everyday spoken Russian as well as the language of media and fiction. They will help you to speak on more emotional topics, in a more expressive way. Want to be an insider? Want to laugh when everyone else laughs? Then join us and add the most popular Russian idioms to your vocabulary in this hybrid live/self-study course.

3 Levels are offered:

  • A2. Pre-intermediate (approximately 3-4 semesters of formal Russian language study)
  • B1. Intermediate (approximately 4+ semesters of formal Russian language study)
  • B2. Upper-intermediate (approximately 5+ semesters of formal Russian language study)

When you enroll in the course, we will direct you to a placement test in order to determine which level we recommend. If you have a strong preference for a particular level, let us know in your application - as long as your language level roughly lines up we should be able to accommodate you.

Each level covers 5 topics (see each level below for more detail), plus you receive one bonus session at the end for overall review and to ask your instructor any final questions about the material. The 6 synchronous lessons of 60 minutes each take place on weekdays (more details in the Technology and Scheduling section below).

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Russian Idioms (Pre-Intermediate Level A2)

Russian Idioms (Intermediate Level B1)

Russian Idioms (Upper-Intermediate Level B2)

Course Structure

Technology and Scheduling

Transcripts and Credit Transfer

SRAS Learning Credits


Russian Language


At least 3 semesters of formal Russian language study, or equivalent. 

Dates & Costs

Dates: 17 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
Enroll By: 10 May 2021
Cost: $115

Dates: 07 Jun 2021 - 18 Jun 2021
Enroll By: 31 May 2021
Cost: $115