Eurasian Foodways: Celebrating with Ukrainian Holubtsi (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

Short Course

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It is very difficult to imagine a Ukrainian special occasion meal without the holubtsi (cabbage rolls), where cabbage or grape leaves are wrapped around a stuffing and simmered in a rich sauce, typically tomato-based.

Ukraine has been at the crossroads of at least three empires, each of which contributed significantly to the Ukrainian kitchen. This dish was inspired by dolma, its distant middle eastern relative. The name of the original dish comes from the word "dove" and is believed to have been first prepared using the meat of these birds wrapped in leaves. Throughout history, every region of Ukraine has developed its own versions of holubtsi, adapting it to local ingredients and tastes. To illustrate the height of these cross-cultural influence, the holubtsi we are going to cook come from Tavria, a southern region of Ukraine often referred to as Tauris. This area was once populated by Greek city colonies, Turkic and Persian nomadic tribes. and mixed with settled proto-Slavonic peoples.

Prior to the course you will receive a shopping list for the items you will cook together. These are all ingredients you can find easily in your local store. You will also receive a suggested "menu" with which you might round out a full dinner.

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