Секрет Королевы: Russian Chess Tradition

Short Course

The recent hit series The Queen's Gambit gave us a glimpse into the world of chess and its culture. The show illustrated how the game was elevated to an elite sport in the USSR, also resulting in the masses embracing it. How and why did chess become such an important part of Soviet and Russian society? SRAS, in partnership with the Russian Chess School will look at the history and development of the game, especially in the USSR. What role did it have in the Cold War and what is its broader role in Russian culture? We'll find out why children learn chess in such great numbers and what skills one acquires through its study.

This course is in English and for anyone - whether a chess player or not - interested in the history and culture of the game in Russia.

After a short break, we will resume with a short lesson (~30 minutes) on the Russian vocabulary of chess. Through use of short prepared videos and related vocabulary sheets, and discussion, we will learn to "talk chess" in Russian. We will introduce you to the chess board, the figures and their moves, chess strategies and their significance, and about chess etiquette. While this section is of most value to students with at least a year of Russian under their belts, all are more than welcome to join!

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Join SRAS and The Russian Chess School for an exploration of the Russian world of chess. For decades, the Russian-speaking world has been a major player in global chess tournaments, with its own playing styles and strategies. The heroine in The Queen's Gambit, for instance, studied Russian in order to read the Russian strategy books and to better understand her opponents. Chess players at all levels - and simply the curious - will find this event of interest. During the first hour, we will look at the history of chess, with a particular eye to its history and development in the USSR and its role in Russian and Soviet Culture. For the last half, stay with us to learn some Russian chess vocabulary, strategy, and specifics.

Dates: 27 Mar 2021 - 27 Mar 2021
Enroll By: 25 Mar 2021
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